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Casper Physical Therapy's Tips for Celebrating Heart Health Month

February 27, 2019

Heart disease deaths account for roughly 25 percent of the American population. February is National Heart Health Month, making it one of the best times to educate yourself on how to be healthier. From changing your eating habits to incorporating Casper physical therapy, use these go-to tips to become better understand heart health. 

Learn Important Facts About Your Heart

Heart disease ranks at the top causes of deaths for both women and men. Six different types of heart disease impact people each year. They include arrhythmia, an abnormal heartbeat, atherosclerosis, which is when the arteries become hard and cardiomyopathy, where the muscles within the heart weaken.  In addition, congenital heart defects can be present in a person at birth. In some cases, plaque can build up in the arteries, known as coronary artery disease. Last, viruses can lead to infections within the heart. 

Know the Warning Signs

Heart attacks can happen to anyone, even healthy people if they have a congenital heart defect. Keep these warning signs in your mind to help you discover if you or a loved one is undergoing a heart attack: 

Shortness of breath
Chest pain
Pain in the upper part of the body
Lightheaded feeling
Nausea, heartburn or indigestion
Cold sweats

For many people, they may not even know they're having an attack. Confusion is why it is crucial to go to a doctor or emergency care if you think you or a loved one is experiencing an attack. 

Adopt Healthier Eating Practices

Certain foods can help you improve the quality of your heart health. Some of these foods include: 

Dark chocolate
Leafy greens
Whole grains

Get Active

Did you know that getting active will not only help you to get in better shape but could save your life too? You do not need to attempt exercises and activities that you are not good at or intimidate you. When working out, you want it to be fun. This will help you seek a campaign that you can sustain. If you do not have time to go to the gym, incorporate easier tasks into your routine. For instance; park a little further from your door or opt to take the stairs. Every little bit helps. 

See How a Local Physical Therapist Can Help

To help you develop healthy exercise habits in proper form, visit your premier physical therapist. Not only will these exercises improve your health but reduce your resting heart rate too. A resting heart rate anywhere from 60 to 100 is healthy. Your premier physical therapist will walk you through the best exercises to help you lower that resting heart rate and develop strength.

As you implement a few new healthy habits to protect your heart, schedule an appointment with North Platte Physical Therapy. We’ll help you develop good habits and ensure you are taking some of the proper protocols required for improved health. Contact us today to see what we can do for you during this National Heart Health Month.