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Casper Physical Therapy Explains How Bumps and Bruises Are Formed

January 23, 2019

With a simple brush against a sharp corner, or accidentally hitting your head, a bruise and/or bump can appear. People get bumps and bruises all the time, from simple accidents to more significant issues. But what are they, exactly? Bruises are ordinary and usual. Take time to learn about what they are and how Casper physical therapy can help with more massive accidents and issues. 

What is a Bruise? 

A bruise appears on a person who damages blood vessels or capillaries in an area. This is common when a person bumps a spot or sustains an injury. Once an area is affected and the blood vessels burst, small amounts of blood disperse in the area—causing what we know as a “bruise.” While people that have thinner skin are more likely to larger bruises, just because the surface is easier to damage, anyone can bruise. On average, a bruise will stay around for a couple of weeks at a time. As time passes by, the color of the bruise will change. In a week or two after an injury, the bruise will turn a shade of green. This is the body’s natural healing reaction with the breakdown of hemoglobin. 

What Causes a Bump? 

In addition to a bruise, after sustaining an injury, a bump may appear. When blood pools in an area due to an injury, it can cause a lump. For the most part, bumps are harmless. Whether it is you or your child that has a lump due to an injury, monitor the situation. If you or your child acts out of the ordinary, it could be a sign more treatment is needed. Watch out for blurry vision, headaches, unsureness or confusion, and more. 

Healing Time

A bruise can fully heal within a couple of weeks. It looks its  most intense a few days after an injury. From there, hemoglobin will kick in. During the recovery, it will turn a yellow-green color. This is a positive sign of healing and growth. 

Using Physical Therapy

When it comes to your health and wellbeing, don’t let pain and discomfort persist. Get help from a physical therapist to resolve issues. Local physical therapy is one of the best ways to treat injuries. When working with a top therapist, they will assess your pain situation and put you on a plan for a pain-free life. 

As you look for a premier physical therapist you can trust, North Platte Physical Therapy has you covered. Our experienced staff will walk you through your specific injury to ensure you heal properly and on time. Whether you bump or bruise your skin, your doctor and physical therapist will assess the quality of your damage. From there, your go-to physical therapist will create a recovery plan. This is ideal to help take a quick approach to injuries that lead to scarring and more. Get started and contact us today to see how we can help you!  We will be happy to help you walk through bruising and how to minimize symptoms.