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Avoid These Top Winter Workplace Injuries Explained by Cheyenne, WY Physical Therapy

November 26, 2018

Winter storms and inclement weather can creep up quickly in Wyoming and South Dakota. This can make workplace safety tricky, but with some advance notice, employees can stay safe. In addition, customers are able to stay safe, too. Make sure that this winter, you are sure your company makes workplace safety as a top priority. Not only will avoiding these mistakes explained by go-t Cheyenne, WY physical therapy keep your employees safe, but your customers too. 

Back Pain

After a major snowfall, businesses in Cheyenne, Wyoming must shovel sidewalks, parking lot, etc. within 24 hours of the event. For South Dakota, there are 72 hours. This ensures the safety of employees and customers making their way in and out of the building. However, those that shovel may not necessarily know best practices, which can lead to serious back issues. When shoveling, employees should be dressed appropriately for the elements. This includes durable, slip-resistant shoes. Next, just like with exercise, warm-up exercises will help prep the mind and body. Once actually lifting snow, lift with the legs and not the back. 

Slips, Trips, and Falls

You probably are aware that slips, trips, and fall are three of the most common injuries during the winter. These can lead to some pretty long-term injuries. To help, prepare for an ice event by salting sidewalks. Add anti-slip mats in doorways for guests and employees to wipe their shoes off as they enter and exit. For shoes, they play a crucial role in workplace safety. Anti-slip shoes provide extra protection from snow, ice, and water that seems impossible to keep dry. 

Work Vehicle Accidents

Many professions have drivers on the road. Those sitting in the driver’s seat should keep a couple car-lengths difference between them and the card in front of them. This allows ample time if an abrupt stop is needed. Anti-slip shoes are also ideal for drivers as wet shoes can become slippery on the gas or brake pedal. When becoming involved in an accident, a person may experience whiplash or other neck injuries, as well as back injuries. It is important to know what to do after a work injury explained by Physical therapy in Wheatland, WY. Follow the instructions from your doctor, then work with a local, premier physical therapist to help you get back to your normal self!

When it comes to workplace safety, take everything seriously! If you look at the United States’ United States Department of Labor’s commonly used statistics, you will find an in-depth look into workplace injuries. This is where North Platte Physical Therapy will help. As your go-to physical therapy office in the area, we will give you quality care to help you or your employees get back in no time. To get started, contact North Platte Physical Therapy to find the nearest location to you. With nearly 20 locations, find the North Plat has a team near you to help you and your employees avoid winter dangers while working in the snow.