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Why You Should See a Casper, WY Physical Therapist for Your Sore Back

June 5, 2018

A sore back can strike out of nowhere. You reach up to your kitchen cabinet to grab a glass and suddenly you feel a stab of pain. Or you are picking up your toddler to get her out of harm’s way and that evening you realize your back is aching. Although lying around on a heating pad might seem like the best thing to do, the truth is that physical exercise and physical therapy can be the best way to alleviate pain. Your Casper physical therapist can advise you on a program to help with your back pain.

Recommended Exercises for Those Who Have Back Pain

Aerobic activities such as running, walking, or using a machine such as the elliptical or bicycle can help to decrease back pain. As long as it doesn’t hurt your back more while you are doing it, moving your body can be a good thing. This is an area your physical therapist can help you with as well.
Activities to Avoid When You Have Back Pain
Activities that should be avoided will often depend on the reason for your back pain. For example, if you have back pain that is related to a disc, it is probably best to avoid exercising first thing in the morning. That is when back pain tends to be the worst. Wait at least 45 minutes before attempting anything that involves twisting or bending at the waist.

What Your Physical Therapist Can Do for Your Back Pain

You can certainly look online and find out what type of exercises you should be doing for your back pain, but the truth is that most people don’t stick to it—so they don’t get the relief they are looking for. When you go to physical therapy, the time is set for you to work on healing your body. There are no distractions at your appointment and you can focus.
Your physical therapist can also help you make sure the exercises are being performed properly. If you are doing something wrong, you can make your back pain even worse.
You can also learn things from your physical therapist. After all, your physical therapy appointments won’t continue forever, but your therapist can arm you with the knowledge you’ll need to incorporate the movements into your routine regularly in the future.
Millions of Americans have chronic back pain, as this article from discusses in Causes of Back Pain. If you are one of them, don’t wait to seek treatment.
When you have been suffering from chronic back pain, it can impact every aspect of your life. North Platte is your go-to local physical therapist in Casper, WY to provide the physical therapy that will get you feeling better. Our expert staff is respected throughout the Wyoming and Nebraska areas for providing superior and customized physical therapy services. We can handle any of your physical therapy needs—including your back pain. Fill out our contact form to get started and to find a location near you.