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Tips for Keeping Your Knees Healthy From Your Gillette WY Physical Therapist

April 25, 2018

One of the most common ailments that bring people in to see their Casper WY physical therapist is knee problems. If you don’t have any knee issues, you should consider yourself lucky because they are quite common. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a serious athlete, knee injuries can prevent you from doing the things you love—and they can be incredibly painful.

Before knee problems take you to the physical therapist, read on for some tips on keeping your knees healthy.

Keep Your Weight Down

Being overweight can put a lot of stress on your knees, and it can also increase your chances of developing osteoarthritis in your knees. Knees already take a beating in our day-to-day life; don’t let extra weight add to their burden.

Wear the Right Shoes for the Activity

If you are on your feet a lot, you need to make sure you are wearing sensible shoes. If you are a runner, it’s particularly important that you wear proper shoes because running—especially on pavement—can be very hard on your knees.

Read this article for more information on the best shoes to wear: 10 Best Walking and Running Shoes for Bad Knees and OA Knee Pain.

Warm Up Before You Work Out

Don’t just launch yourself into a workout before you get your body warmed up. Learn how to stretch properly before—and after—exercise. This can help relieve pressure on your knees because it decreases the tension in your tendons.

Stick With Low Impact Workouts

As mentioned previously, running is particularly tough on knees. If you are prone to knee issues, use the rowing machine, the bike, or the elliptical at the gym rather than the treadmill. Swimming is another great workout to keep the stress off your knees. One thing you don’t want to do is to stop moving because you are having knee pain. This is counterproductive and can actually worsen your condition.

Train With Weights

It might seem counterintuitive to train with extra weights if you are trying to keep the pressure off your knees, but weight training—with proper form—can actually strengthen your leg muscles and put them in a better position to support your knees. Proper form is essential, or you can do more harm than good, so be sure to get the help of an expert.

Consider Physical Therapy

If your knees are already bothering you, a physical therapist can create an appropriate exercise regimen that will help strengthen your knees. (If you are seeing a physical therapist, read here to find out what you can expect on your first visit.)

At North Platte Physical Therapy, we work hard to help our patients protect their knees and live a pain-free life. But accidents and injuries can happen, and when they do, we invite you to contact North Platte Physical Therapy to learn more about how we can help you recover. Our staff is well known throughout Wyoming because of our strong commitment to our patients. We can fulfill comprehensive physical therapy services, and we look forward to creating a custom a treatment plan based on your needs. Contact us today!