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Using Wheatland, WY Physical Therapy and All Other Locations to Treat Your Child's ADHD

January 31, 2018

If your child has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, ADHD, they are not alone. On average, about six to 10 million American children live with it. In addition to working with your doctor, did you know that Cheyenne, WY physical therapy can also help treat your child? It’s one of the many ways that can help them during their youth. Learn more about ADHD in children, various treatment options, and how you can incorporate physical therapy into their routine.

Overview of ADHD in Children

ADHD is a condition that affects a child’s part of the brain that controls their attention span and activity. While most children often have much more energy than adults, it can appear that those with ADHD have issues focusing, therefore causing:
  • Increase in movement: Fidgeting and issues staying still is common in children with ADHD.
  • Difficulty paying attention: Children will have issues concentrating and maintaining tasks. From school work to chores, they may start to wander off, or seem to be forgetful.
  • Impulsive or impatient: It is common for children to jump in or interrupt at inappropriate times when they have ADHD. They are ready to move or get to the next step. Several children also do not always finish tasks they are working on as their attention may move to something else.

If some of these symptoms seem familiar, research further by reviewing these 14 signs of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and contact your doctor. There are many options your child has to manage their ADHD.

Treatment Options

To determine if your child has ADHD, your doctor will conduct a variety of tests and ask questions. This can include a normal exam to observe their motor skills, aptitude tests, EEG to review brain waves, and more.

From there, your doctor will help you and your child by creating a plan. In many cases, this will include medicine that will help them cope. This can include a stimulant which can help to reduce the hyperactivity.

Your doctor may also recommend behavioral therapy to help them learn important ways to better manage their time and how to combat impulsions. They can also help create plans for the entire family to work together.

Incorporating Physical Therapy

Keeping active is a great way to help children with ADHD. Many do not realize physical therapy is a great addition to your child’s plan to manage their ADHD. An increase in incorporating various types of exercises and activities into your child’s daily routine has shown positive signs to reducing the severity of their day to day issues from the condition. Upon receiving a diagnosis, contact your local physical therapist and set up an appointment to create a plan specific for your child.

When it comes to any of your pediatric therapy needs, North Platte Physical Therapy can help. We work with all children in a variety of settings. From strengthening fine motor skills and cognitive development, to social skill training, we can create plans to help your child as they grow. Contact us today to schedule a time at a location near you.