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Types of Chronic Pain and How Physical Therapy in Gering, WY and All Other Locations Can Help

October 4, 2017

Did you know over 100 million Americans have to cope with chronic pain each day? Those who have to deal with this type of pain each day often do not realize that there are solutions or methods of treatment to help alleviate it. There are often methods of treatment that does not include pain medication that will help relieve some of these symptoms as well. Learn more about chronic pain, the different types Americans live with, and how physical therapy in Gering, WY and all other locations can help.

Intro to Chronic Pain

After one sustains an injury or has pain from a medical condition, pain may follow after the incident. In many cases, it will disappear and they will recover. However, in other cases, the pain may last for three months or longer. Once it hits this nonstop pain that continues, it is known as chronic pain. Those suffering from pain day in and day out can also lead to a person suffering from depression and anxiety. This does not help make matters easier, especially when it comes to seeing a professional to help with the pain. Known as chronic pain syndrome, it can really take a toll on a person when it affects the mental health as well.

Types of Pain

There are two types of chronic pain: Nociceptive and neuropathic. Nociceptive pain the when pain is sharp. One might recognize it as a throbbing or pulsing pain. It occurs when the body is receiving signals that there might be damage to a certain area. This could be due to inflammation. Neuropathic pain deals with the nervous system. In certain situations, the body can even send false pain signals leaving one to deal with pain that essentially is there for no reason. Chronic pain can range from back and joint pain to headaches and fibromyalgia. Those who have cancer also have to cope with chronic pain, as well as those with variations of arthritis. For an in-depth look on the main types of chronic pain, learn from VeryWell.

Treatment and Physical Therapy

Creating a plan to manage and recover from chronic pain is key. If you have to deal with pain for over three months, it is important to have it treated. Your first route to go to is your primary care physician. They will assess the situation. For inflammation, you may be prescribed a steroid or painkiller that includes an anti-inflammatory. There are other medications that help to block the pain signals, which can especially help with those suffering from false pain signals.  There are a variety to shots one can take that help to ease pain. Last, talk to your doctor about how physical therapy can help. Chronic pain often occurs after one does not properly move after an injury due to fear. By seeing a premier physical therapist, not only will you increase the range of motion in the area, but it also can help with chronic pain syndrome, increasing your quality of life.  

As you try to manage your chronic pain, North Platte Physical Therapy is your go-to local physical therapist. We know the best methods for recovery and will help every step of the way. Contact us today to see how we can help you manage your chronic pain.