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Guernsey, WY Therapist Explains What to Do After an Auto Accident

September 13, 2017

Car accidents happen every minute across the country. Some accidents are very minor with little damage, while others are extremely dangerous and cause extensive injuries. While accidents are just that, accidents, it is important to always be aware when behind the wheel and to know what to do if you are involved in a car wreck. It is also crucial to know how to care for yourself post-accident to ensure a speedy recovery. Learn what to do immediately after an accident, common types of injuries that occur, as well as how to recover, and benefits of physical therapy in Guernsey, WY and all other locations

Immediately After an Accident

If you have been involved in a car accident, after the wreck has happened, it is important to stay calm. Be cognizant of any potential injuries you may have. According to the accident guide in Colorado from the DMV, law requires drivers to file an accident report all car accidents as soon as possible. If there are injuries, call 911 and ask others in the car if they are okay. If the accident is minor, and you are able to move, get out and exchange information with the other person involved in the accident. Make sure to have a calm conversation with them, even if you feel they were at fault. If you think you were at fault, do not admit it at the scene of the crash. Talk to the other party to get their name, phone number, license plate number and insurance information. Also, be sure to take pictures of the accident, and damage. You will talk to a police officer too to explain what happened during the wreck.

Types of Injuries

While a variety of injuries can happen, there are a few common ones that can occur during or after an accident. One of the most common are head and neck injuries. On impact, the head and neck quickly go forwards and backwards. This can lead to whiplash or brain injuries. During or after an accident, be cautious for neck pain, memory or overall fogginess, vision issues, or an overall change in your mental state. Depending on the severity of the accident, you may not have some symptoms right away so be aware over time. Next, there are many accidents that happen to one’s legs and arms. They can be as minor as a sprain or muscle tear, to an overall fracture. When minor injuries are not cared for, they can lead to long term damage and pain.

Recovery and Physical Therapy

Even if you feel as though you are fine, it is important to see a doctor after a car accident. You will receive a physical and they will know the signs to watch out for. They can also tell you what to look out for as time goes on. Next, seeing a local physical therapist is also key to your recovery. Through specialized treatment plans, your physical therapist will help you regain strength and reduce pain through a series of exercises.

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