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Red Flags of Neck Pain Explained by Your Physical Therapist in Casper, WY and All Other Locations

August 30, 2017

Your neck plays an important role in your body. It supports your head and contains arteries that bring blood supply from your heart to your brain. When bent at an improper angle you can put as much as 60 pounds of pressure on your spine. There are a variety of issues that can arise due to issues, poor posture, and more.

With its placement, the neck is frequently used. It is important to know the red flags and signs that you may have a problem, so you can work with a physical therapist in Casper, WY to resolve it. Learn more about top neck injuries, day-to-day issues, and the ins and outs of the new thing called “text neck”.

Neck Injuries

When a person sustains a neck injury, they might not realize it’s an injury right away. With many neck injuries, one may not have immediate pain shortly after. Sometimes it can take a couple days or even weeks for symptoms to arise. If you begin to notice swelling in the area, as well as any pain, a heat-like feeling, dizziness or mental changes, tingling or numbness, or headaches, it is important to see a doctor. In fact, even after you have experienced an event that involved your neck and you are not sure if you are injured, it is important to see your doctor.

From there, they can assess the situation and make you aware of any warning signs for down the road. It is also best to work with a local physical therapist. Through a series of exercises, you can regain strength and improve your posture.

Day to Day

There are many instances in one’s day to day that an injury can occur without even realizing it. Over time, you may experience pains in the neck, whether it be sharp or radiating, stiffness, headaches, weakness or even swelling. These symptoms and more can arise from a variety of things from a pinched nerve to poor posture. When gone untreated, you may eventually fall into bad habits that create even more damage down the road.

To prevent injuring your neck in your everyday routines, make sure you always have proper posture. Also, make sure when using a computer or mobile device, that it is at eye level to keep you from bending your neck down.

What is “Text Neck”?

With the smartphone and mobile device phenomena that has become so popular over the last few decades, “text neck” is on the rise. This type of condition occurs as many use their devices throughout the day, with their neck at an angle. When looking down, one’s head can go from weighing 12 pounds to 60! This will do tremendous damage to the neck and spine. When using tablets, make sure to look down with your eyes and not bending your neck. It is also important to move your neck throughout the day. To learn more about this new condition and what to watch out for, read the Washington Posts’ ‘text neck’ is becoming an ‘epidemic’ and could wreck your spine.

To help you with any neck pain, injuries or issues, North Platte Physical Therapy can help. As your premier go-to physical therapist, our quality services will help resolve your neck pain and get you on a path to recovery. Have neck pain? Learn more symptoms to watch and how Nebraska physical therapy can help. To get started, contact us today!