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How Female Athletes Can Use Sportsmetrics™ at Glenrock, WY Physical Therapy and all other office locations to Reduce ACL Tears

June 28, 2017

The anterior cruciate ligament, known as the ACL, is a ligament in one’s knee. During a sudden movement where one is twisting or quickly changes direction, the ACL can tear. Usually when this happens a person may hear a popping sound and the knee will swell and become painful. When this occurs, it is important that you do everything you can to properly heal and take care of yourself, which includes speaking with your doctor and seeing a physical therapist. One of the methods to try to prevent this from happening in female athletes is Sportsmetrics™ through Glenrock, WY physical therapy and all other office locations. Get an overview of this method and learn more about non-contact ACL tears and other top types of physical therapy.

Overview of Sportsmetrics™

One of the best ways to avoid an ACL injury is through prevention. A program that has been proven successful for female athletes is Sportsmetrics™. This method of preventative physical therapy has been proven to reduce the amount of ACL injuries. It is a program that focuses on both preventing an ACL tear but also to help women become better athletes and fine-tune their form. Many love this program because it also focuses on training to be a premier athlete.

How Non-Contact ACL Tears Occur in Athletes

The ACL is one of the key elements for a stable knee. When an ACL tears, it is normally not an injury sustained by contact. “Your ACL can be injured if your knee joint is bent backward, twisted or bent to the side,” explains Web MD in the article Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries. They add that it is possible for a person or object to also lead to an injury as well. Since it is a motion or movement that is swift, usually ACL tears occur with a twist and also can happen by jumping, running or any other quick motion that uses the knee. Over time with normal use, the ACL will be impacted by aging. This can make it even more likely for an injury to occur.

Additional Sports Therapy Physical Therapy

To help prevent any sports injury, prevention is key. Having proper form is crucial to avoid an injury. It is helpful for all athletes to work with a physical therapist to learn proper form for the sports they often play. Physical therapists work with athletes on form and improving the quality of the common muscles used when playing their sport. No matter what sport an athlete plays a physical therapist will work with them to create a plan and go-to exercises.
To help you avoid ACL and other sports related injuries, you can count your local team at North Platte Physical Therapy. Our sports medicine services allow you to prevent injuries or help heal them when they occur. We also specialize in services for schools to provide an athletic trainer to athletes and coaches. Make sure to read our guide on spring sports training tips from your physical therapist in Newcastle, WY and contact us today to see how we can help you!