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Healing your lower back pain with your Wyoming physical therapist

August 21, 2019

You might have injured your lower back recently, and been referred to physical therapy to help with treatment and recovery. While it might seem overwhelming at first, there is no need to panic. Your physical therapy appointment will help you heal, with little to no pain, and help you get back on your feet and living your life the best way you know how. But let’s talk about what you can expect when it comes to your physical therapy.

There are two forms of physical therapy you might use to treat your lower back pain, and the type of physical therapy depends on your injury. Talk to your Wyoming physical therapist to determine which is best for you, it might even be a combination of the two:
Passive: Passive physical therapy includes the use of ice packs, heating pads, and even electrical stimulation. This form of physical therapy will be less physically taxing, but is equally important in the healing process. 
Active: Active physical therapy will include light forms of exercise, as well as stretching. You will most likely be in an active physical therapy program for your lower back pain. 

Time wise, your length of physical therapy can vary. On average, expect anywhere from 4-8 weeks of physical therapy - but once again it can depend on the back injury you’ve sustained. When it comes to your physical therapy regime, be sure to maintain consistent contact with your physical therapist to better understand your treatment program. There are some instances in which you might be required to do light exercises at home - but these should all be low impact. 
  • When it comes to preparing for your first physical therapist appointment, we recommend the following: 
  • Wear comfortable clothing that is breathable, and makes it easy to move if necessary
  • Be aware that they will most likely take measurements - including your range of motion, current physical fitness, and test of strength
  • Be ready to ask plenty of questions - your physical therapist is there to help you and guide you 

Asking questions can be overwhelming at your first physical therapist appointment, but we do recommend that you ask as many as you need to. Your physical therapist is there to serve as a resource and is ready to help you with any needs you might have. Just remember, everybody is different. Your healing time can be very different than another, even with the same injury. So be sure to stay in close contact with your doctor as well as your physical therapist. 

At North Platte Physical Therapy, we are here to help meet your needs. We serve the communities of Wyoming and Nebraska with 22 clinics offering a full range of physical therapy services. Contact us today for more information.