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Why Physical Therapy in Casper WY is Important After Surgery

If you’ve ever suffered a serious injury that required surgery, you may have been told to attend physical therapy in Casper WY following the procedure. This is recommended to many people who have just had surgery to repair an injury, but why? Here are some of the reasons why physical therapy is so important after certain surgery:

Injury Prevention
No one wants to reinjure themselves after going through the stressful ordeal of having surgery to repair an injury. Luckily, physical therapy can teach you the skills you need to keep your body strong and avoid injuries in the future. For example, senior citizens who were injured in a fall could go to physical therapy to work on their balance and coordination. Patients with back or pelvic injuries can attend physical therapy to strengthen their core, which will help them protect their vulnerable areas and avoid injuries in the future. No matter what type of injury you have, a physical therapist can help you understand how to prevent pain and further damage. Learn about the real world benefits of strengthening your core.

Faster Recovery
If you’re worried about missing a lot of time from work or not being able to jump back into your active lifestyle following a surgery, make sure you attend physical therapy as recommended. It’s been proven that post-operative patients who attend physical therapy sessions will recover faster than those who do not. In fact, some healthcare professionals will get an early start with patients by beginning physical therapy while they’re still in the hospital room recovering!

Regain Mobility
Surgery on your knees or hips can put a damper on your everyday life. It may be difficult for you to engage in the activities you did prior to surgery. In fact, something as simple as bending down to pick up something off of the floor can be challenging for those who are recovering from these surgeries. However, physical therapy can help you regain mobility and quickly get your life back on track.

Minimize Scar Tissue
Scar tissue is part of the body’s healing process, and occurs when a tendon, muscle, or bone has been injured. Scar tissue can easily form after a surgery, but, when it does, it can limit the mobility and range of motion of that area of the body. Physical therapy can help postoperative patients learn stretching techniques that can minimize the formation of scar tissue so patients don’t suffer a loss of range of motion following a surgery. Post-operative massages can also be performed on patients during physical therapy to loosen the scar tissue and prevent complications.

At North Platte Physical Therapy, we’re dedicated to helping clients recover after a surgery. If you’re curious about physical therapy, contact North Platte Physical Therapy to learn more about how we can help you recover. Our staff is praised throughout the Wyoming and Nebraska areas for our commitment to our clients. We can fulfill comprehensive physical therapy services, and would be happy to customize a treatment plan for your personal needs.