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Seven tips to making the most of your Wyoming physical therapy treatment

April 24, 2019

When you are ready to pursue your Wyoming physical therapy options, it’s important to get the most out of your physical therapy treatment. Afterall, you are using physical therapy to get better and to heal your body. These are our seven tips to making the most out of your physical therapy experience, and ensure that you will keep getting better. 

1. Ask Questions
Your physical therapist is here to assist you. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask them - they are here to help. The best physical therapists will be ready and open to answer whatever questions you might have and reassure you of any fears that you might be experiencing. 

2. Communicate
This goes hand in hand with asking questions, but make sure you are communicating with your physical therapist often and openly. If you are feeling any type of new pain, or feel that you might have re-injured yourself talk to your physical therapist immediately. 

3. Complete All Exercises 
Your physical therapist has assigned you particular exercises for a reason. Make sure you complete all exercises as ordered during your appointment but also at home. Your physical therapist might have assigned you additional exercises for home, and if they did there is a reason for that. 

4. Stay in Contact with Your Physician 
As you complete your physical therapy, keep in contact with your primary care physician. It’s important to keep your medical records up to date but also ensure that your doctor knows how you are managing and handling your pain. 

5. Stay Patient
Physical therapy isn’t a quick fix - it’s going to take time for the physical therapy to truly work and heal your body. By staying patient and focused on all of your exercises you will get better, it’ll just take some time. Don’t give up.

6. Set Goals
Your physical therapist might have set goals for you, but it’s important to create your own goals as well. Your goals are going to be a great motivator in sticking to your routine, your schedule, and ultimately getting better. When setting goals keep them realistic, achievable, and something that will help you keep moving forward. 

7. Don’t Skip Appointments
This might seem like an obvious one, but don’t ever skip your appointments. Appointments are key to getting better and sticking on a strict schedule will help you to continue to improve. If you are feeling pain, don’t skip your appointment just communicate with your physical therapist. They can help you identify why you are experiencing pain, and adjust your workout as needed. 

Are you tired of dealing with chronic pain? Or are you ready to improve your current situation? Contact us today to let us know what’s bothering you. Our team of professionals will implement a safe, effective, and reasonably-priced treatment plan that will have you living better, whether that means sleeping more soundly or getting through your work day without pain. Patients across Wyoming and Western Nebraska have relied on North Platte Physical Therapy for their pain prevention and physical recovery needs for years.