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How Physical Therapy in Morrill, WY and Our Other Locations Will Help You Overcome an Injury

January 17, 2018

Upon sustaining an injury, whether it be a fall or athletic occurrence, taking the recovery process seriously is important. Many people delay the process, which is incredibly detrimental. Not only can your recovery be delayed, but faulting to work under a doctor’s care and guidance may lead to long term damage. If you are overcoming an injury, make sure to learn the importance of physical therapy in Morrill, WY and our other locations, if you suffer from kinesiophobia, and additional recovery tips.

Importance of Physical Therapy During Recovery

Upon sustaining an injury, not only will your doctor help you recover, but a physical therapist will too. Physical therapists play a crucial role in the reduction and elimination of pain, and will teach you important motions along the way. Through various exercises and techniques, your physical therapist will help you build strength and teach you how to avoid the mistake in the future. Injuries are often occurrences of repeated motions, which a physical therapist will help you avoid. In some cases, therapy can even help you avoid having to have a costly and invasive surgery.

Overcoming Kinesiophobia

Despite knowing how important it is to get back to normal after an injury, it can be a scary time. You may be afraid you will injure yourself again, or you will re-live the pain experienced the initial injury. This happens to many people, and is known as “kinesiophobia,” the fear of moving. The fear surrounding movement can become overwhelming, leaving some to avoid therapy and improvement just to avoid a situation becoming worse. It can also be confusing when there is pain during the recovery process. If you feel you suffer from kinesiophobia, know that your doctor and physical therapist are properly instructing you. Learn more about kinesiophobia and how to stop the fear of movement.

Additional Recovery Tips

To help you recover from your injury more quickly, make sure you are eating a balanced diet. Proper nutrition will fuel your body. Load up on healthy green vegetables and protein—working with your doctor and physical therapist to help you learn what will be best for your plan. It is also helpful to properly rest and relax. Move and exercise under the guidance of professionals, but don’t overdo it. If you over-extend or push yourself beyond your limits, you can ruin your hard work and make your condition worse. If you find yourself melancholy or not like yourself during the recovery, know this is normal. An injury can change your day-to-day routine, so be sure to talk to your doctor and physical therapist about how you feel. They can help overcome the feelings during your recovery.

To help you through your recovery process, North Platte Physical Therapy is here to help. Our team will create a plan specific to you that will get you back to yourself more quickly. As you prepare to see us, learn what to expect on your first visit to North Platte Physical Therapy. Get started with your recovery process and contact us today.