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Ways Cody, WY Physical Therapy Can Help with Your Carpal Tunnel

December 6, 2017

Are you one of the over five million Americans coping with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)? While uncomfortable, carpal tunnel is a treatable condition that premier Cody, WY physical therapy and all other locations can assist with. Whether you have the condition or not, it is important to know what carpal tunnel is, signs to watch for, ways to manage the pain, and the importance of seeing a local physical therapist when seeking relief.

What Is Carpal Tunnel?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a nerve disorder. It leads to pain in the area on the inside of the hand around the wrist, all the way up through the fingers. Some of the initial signs of this disorder include a burning or tingling feeling in the palm, as well as itchiness or numbness. Others describe that their hands feel swollen when they are in fact not swollen at all. In extreme cases, it can be difficult to use the hand for daily activities. Many who suffer from carpal tunnel experience the most pain first thing in the morning as he or she will sleep with hands curled in. There are many causes for CTS including injuries, fractures, repetitive hand motions, and more.

Ways to Cope

If you feel you have carpal tunnel syndrome, it is best to discuss this with your primary care physician as soon as possible. This way, you can be on your path to relief! One of the first things they may do is have you take pain medication and an anti-inflammatory to reduce symptoms. For more in-depth situations, they may recommend a cortisone injection as well, along with a prescription pain medication. This will also help to reduce pain an inflammation in the area. You may also be given a hand splint to wear as you sleep to keep you from clenching your hands through the night. There are many Americans who also opt to have surgery too. In addition to these treatments, seeing a physical therapist is a go-to option for relief too.

Importance of Seeing a Physical Therapist

As you work with your doctor on relieving symptoms of carpal tunnel, it is important to see a physical therapist.  It is especially crucial to continue seeing them if you have elected to have surgery. This will help you regain your strength and normal motions, which will expedite the recovery process too. However, if you do not have surgery, a top physical therapist will help reduce pain through a series of exercises. They will also help you make changes to your day-to-day to reduce flair ups and pain.

As you search for help to restore the quality of your hands, North Platte Physical Therapy can assist. It is important to learn everything you can about carpal tunnel syndrome and how a physical therapist in Cheyenne, WY can relieve symptoms. Our staff at North Platte is experienced, allowing you to get the relief you need and work with a team of professionals well versed in your condition. To see how we can help you, contact us today!